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In-Game Activations

One way to make some noise is to put on an in-game event simultaneous to an in-person event. Widely publicized in-game events have been virtual concerts, namely events featuring Lil Nas X, the boy band Why Don’t We, and the cast of the Hollywood adaptation of the Broadway musical In the Heights. However, in-game events aren’t limited to concerts. They can be hosted by any kind of brand, such as Tommy Hilfiger hosting his NY fashion week show on an NYC runway and in parallel to the digital version on Roblox.

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Virtual Items (VI)

VIs are a hot commodity in Roblox as they allow users to accessorize and express themselves through fashion. Brands can take advantage of this trend by creating a batch of virtual items and giving them away (or selling them for a nominal price). This incentivizes players to participate in your activations via the community. Again, it works for many different items: Gucci, Nerf, and the Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson have all distributed virtual items as part of activations in recent weeks. Imagine if a happy meal toy was a virtual item to drive online sales or an in-game virtual item NFT drives traffic to purchase a happy meal IRL.

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Role Play Games

RP is popular among gamers because it allows them to escape from reality. Learning lessons are given as an assignment with the opportunity to live out their lives in a present alternate reality. Role-playing games are a powerful learning tool, providing opportunities for players to take on multiple roles, and learn new ways to explore real-life scenarios. There are plenty of activities that you can perform, like doing jobs that earn money. You can purchase property, cars, food, and other items in the game. The game replicates many real-life scenarios to allow users to learn without knowing they're learning.

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