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4 ways to make screen-time valuable for kids

Updated: Jan 5

Technology touches every part of our lives and could be a blessing or disturbance to our productivity. While older people may adjust to this effect due to different coping mechanisms, it's not easy for kids. For instance, screen time for kids has increased dramatically in recent years, dominating the core part of their existence. This screen time is for valuable reasons like students learning new concepts and attending virtual classes or purely entertainment like watching films and playing video games.

The American Academy of Pediatrics opined that kids below 2 should avoid screen time while those above 2 should have not more than 2 hours of screen hour a day – a contradiction to the average 7 hours kids spend on entertainment media. However, new guidelines for kids’ screen time suggest a screen time that helps children’s health, education, and entertainment. Therefore, instead of reducing your child’s screen time, is it possible to make it meaningful? Hence, here are 4 ways to make screen time valuable.

1. Learn

Screen time can be valuable and a source of entertainment for your kids simultaneously through the Play2learn concept that teaches your kids to learn, play, and earn. It is almost impossible for parents to shield their wards from TV, ipads, and other screens, but making it valuable will benefit the kids.

The gaming industry is bigger than the music and movie industries combined. Our physical and non-physical worlds are also overlapping– Metaverse. From here, a new Play2Learn industry is being created to utilize the player's screen time and engagement in a game into valuable skills focused on content delivery that genuinely motivates the player/learner.

For instance, Play2Learn's co-founder Lian Pham's two children are growing up and love screen time more than her and past generations. Working as a single mom, she can't stop fighting screen time; therefore, she must utilize it as a win-win for her as a parent and for them as kids to be entertaining and valuable.

Our games are curated to ensure that parents that don’t allow kids screen time feel safe in the metahug world environment that is highly curated for safety and education, limiting the kids to age 25. Profanity and over 500 words are also removed from our games to protect Kidd's sanity.

For this game to be rewarding for kids to use screen time judiciously and also earn, brands are the incentivizing mechanism to allow this model to be free. Here, you don't have to fret if your child’s report card has an F in a particular discipline. We are shifting the paradigm of report cards to be more integrated into real-world value. So the motivation of having a valuable report card helps propel the action. For example, the chemistry class needs a fresh, fun way to learn in a Roblox game with friends and metahug incentives, rewarded by brands for coffee from Starbucks or shoes from Nike.

2. Play

As much as we want screen time to be valuable, kids need to be kids and enjoy screen time for entertainment. Kids need to have fun, and Roblox, with 50 million daily users, is a testament. In our metahug world on Roblox, kids learn without realizing they are learning through games. Our games teach kids about sustainable energy, yoga, and meditation, using web3 tools that allow them to role-play. Additionally, complex concepts like Physics and chemistry are set to be gamified, helping students learn while they play. For safety, over 500 words are blocked; players who use any of these words will be dismissed from the game.

One of our games is a role play set in 2042 in a metahug world. As a citizen, you explore an open-world city to make a new life for yourself. That means you will build a future home, understand the future of work, and have the skills to survive. You will also roleplay living in a community, and you must prepare and do all necessary bounties to live an abundant life. Apart from this, the more you give metahugs out, our social tokens, the more you progress. This concept will teach kids about living in a community, humanity, and diligence to make a living.

Other things they can do to make screen time valuable are watching sports, and other educational games, joining our metahug world to learn to create games, and others.

3. Create

Rather than watching TV and playing games, screen time could be beneficial for your kids to create their world. For individuals, Play2learn provides free web3 education for Gen Z and Gen Alpha as the dominant workforce of the future, ideal for training. Most of the education system is focused on teaching individuals younger than 25 — that is the demographic of Play2learn and MetaHug. Through free gamified web3 education, we can build the future of the next generation, especially the less privileged, to reimagine their lives.

Kids extract real-world education by learning applicable skills invariably needed that might not be on the agenda in the classroom but are crucial as an entrepreneur or an employee—game theory exploration in full throttle.

Additionally, our metahug is a kids program created by kids for kids to learn to give, create games, and administrate in our metahug world. Other things kids can create are avatars and learning to draw, color, and animate in the Roblox world. Also, in the Roblox world, kids can drop stories for other kids or bring ideas that are turned into games.

4. Give

You can use screen time to raise generous kids no matter their age, time, talent, engagement, and treasure to still change the world. For instance, our games revolve around giving metahugs, our social tokens, to aid progression in our games. Kids that give metahugs progress and receive more tokens, which they can also give to earn more. Additionally, kids can team up to sell NFTs they earned in our games to fund a project like crowdfunding for a cancer patient.

Another way they can give is by influencing the kids DAO to give more to the less privileged. In the Roblox world, they can help other kids meet their target. For instance, a kid can gather his mate to raise money for a kid without clean water.


Screen time is either for valuable programs or purely entertainment, rarely both. However, Play2learn and Metahug make screen time valuable for kids and their parents to build the future we desire. You can join our Metahug DAO as a parent or guardian here


To learn more about how Gamified Education contact our team at

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