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As one of the critical forms of self-expression in next-generation social spaces like Roblox, where you can be whomever you want to be and take your avatar wherever you go, digital fashion and avatar customization can profoundly affect your self-confidence and relationships. 

MetaHug Marketplace is a double-sided marketplace that empowers buyers and sellers to self-express in the creator's economy. Our marketplace allows players to try on many different avatar/catalog items for free!


You can also create your profile and sell clothing and accessories on eBay. 

Help foster the metaverse creator's economy.

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The world's next Coco Chanel is probably a 10-year-old girl who is currently designing avatar skins in Roblox. 

In our game, we created retail stores to foster players to develop their brands by owning their retail stores. Like real estate, players claim an empty store and make it their own. They then create their clothing line and showcase it.

Being in the game alongside the biggest brands can inspire their creativity. But most important, it empowers sustainability. The production of digital fashion uses 97% less carbon than the production of physical garments.

From their role as brand ambassadors to their impact on consumers' interactions in fashion, digital avatars are opening up new opportunities for fashion retailers and brands in the physical and nonphysical world.

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Visit our Store in-game

Fueling the growth of digital fashion on Roblox is the entry of some of the world’s most influential and well-known fashion brands. When fashion choices are linked to identity and community, it’s an opportunity for brands to align in new ways with this generation.


MetaHug Marketplace store is a mega-mall with many different styles and matching outfits, with over 400 to choose from and try on! 


Showcasing the biggest fashion brands under one roof.

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Empower Digital
Self Expression 

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Help shape the next
gen of Entrepreneurs

MetaHug Avatar Marketplace is a studio on Roblox that focuses on avatar creations. Digital fashion is embraced by aspiring and established designers and brands. Dozens of renowned fashion and beauty brands have established a presence on Roblox, designing virtual items, collaborating with existing popular experiences, or creating their own immersive spaces.


Fashion designers in the future won’t just be sewing; they’ll be coding.

The Importance of Avatar Customization for Gen Z

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Of players active on Roblox, nearly all (94%) say they have done at least some customization of their avatars, with over half (53%) saying they’ve customized “a lot.” Interestingly, older users (predominantly female) are more likely to customize their digital identity: 60% of users ages 22-24 (and the number goes up to 65% for female users) have done “a lot” of customization vs. 45% of users in the 14-17 y.o. age group*

What players want to see from digital designers and brands

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Weekly Top 10 Contest!

Find inspiration in the game for IRL fashion trends or vice versa. Start salivating IRL after seeing a tasty food or beverage item in the game. Regardless of which way you prefer to be inspired, allow the top 10 lists to guide and influence your phygital needs combining the physical and digital worlds. These top 10 lists help guide the construction of buying power for students like an interior designer transforms a new look in a room.

metahug ecommerce

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Virtual items are easy to integrate into your site via our enterprise-grade intelligence platform and link to our existing e-commerce experience. Allow our team of expert developers and creators to customize your virtual item experience on Roblox. Launch and grow your brand on one of the most popular metaverse platforms today, with 50 million daily users.
E-commerce websites transform into unique, branded, highly gamified learning experiences.

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The young players who spend most of their out-of-school time exploring the ever-expansive Roblox universe are learning to value digital assets as much as physical objects. When they grow up to be adults, they might try to buy that IRL Gucci jacket that matches the one they purchased their avatar as a kid.

This is no fringe movement. This is the future in action, and here are a few of the biggest names in high-end goods to plant their seeds in the fertile Roblox soil.

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