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Brands need to think like gamers to succeed in the metaverse

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Gaming platforms in the metaverse have become an essential part of younger generations’ daily digital lives as they offer a highly interactive way to connect and socialize virtually. Today, Roblox can be considered one of the largest metaverse platforms.

The number of brands and retailers creating experiences and selling virtual goods on Roblox is growing fast.

So why wait?

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Metaverse Trends

FINAL_2022-Metaverse-Fashion-Trends-report_Roblox-x-Parsons.pdf (4).png is a platform, offering marketplace-as-a-service for brands & agencies to have a plug-and-play meaningful presence on Roblox, with the games and virtual items built for kids by kids.
Learning entrepreneurship transforms screen time for students & parents to bond like monopoly did ages ago, learning valuable lessons while having fun buying and selling. is a measured-engagement-lear
ning intelligence dashboard optimized to keep learners in flow state; learning without knowing they're learning is the goal, focused on a design-build-solve framework.


Currently, the metaverse market is valued at $38 billion with 400 million active users and is expected to add $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030 

Roblox has 58 million active users. Millions of people go to these metaverse platforms to play games and enjoy immersive experiences. Imagine your brands creating in-game experiences to meet the hunger of these raving fans.

How would it affect your customer loyalty?


Are you interested in launching your next virtual item in Roblox? We can help create and

sell our game


Gaming is the future.

FINAL_2022-Metaverse-Fashion-Trends-report_Roblox-x-Parsons.pdf (3).png
FINAL_2022-Metaverse-Fashion-Trends-report_Roblox-x-Parsons.pdf (5).png

"Launch your next virtual items with us "

"Establish your presence on top of metaverses like Roblox "


Virtual Items are a hot commodity in Roblox, as they allow users to accessorize and express themselves through fashion. Brands can take advantage of this trend by creating a batch of virtual items and give them away (or selling them for a nominal price). This incentivizes players to participate in your activations via the community, and again, it works for many different types of items: Tim Horton, Chipotle, Nike, Gucci, Walmart, and the Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson have all distributed virtual items as part of activations in recent weeks. Imagine if a happy meal toy was a virtual item to drive online sales or an in-game virtual item NFT drives traffic to purchase a happy meal IRL.

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why your brand must not be left out.

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