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Expert Perspectives on Gamified Education for Marketers 

Play2Learn is hosting an online panel discussion with industry experts on Gamifies Education as possibilities for marketers. Join us to explore the possibilities, perspectives, examples and questions that come with this emerging world.

Date:                Feburary 4, 20323
Time:                12:00 om CST
Sreekanth Miryala, Data Science | Enterprise Architecture, May Mahboob, MBD Financials           

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Gamified Education As A Brand Strategy Whitepaper

Needs and Drivers for Change

  • NFTS and SB Tokens: The future of brand engagement

  • How to chase Web 3.0 despite the current market conditions

  • Redirecting kids' screen time in the metaverse into powerful marketing opportunities

Alternatives and Solutions in Place Today

  • The Nuances of Marketing to Gen Z and why brands need to focus on engagement not incentives

  • Benefits of blending gamification with other marketing strategies

Envisioning the future state

  • The power of gamification

  • Why originality is key for brands on web 3.0

  • Designing a gamified marketing campaign that complies with all the regulations

What steps should companies take to launch gamified learning and marketing in their niche? 

  • Bravery is vital for brands looking to break into gamifies education

  • The need for independent gamified education agencies

  • Measuring the success of gamifies campaign


Sreekanth Miryala, Data Science | Enterprise Architecture

May Mahboob, MBD Financials           


Marco Ruffa, Digital Transformation Director @ PINKO Head of Luxury market @ Luxochain Innovation designer & data-driven creative consultant

Fehmida Kapadia, President:

Paolo Beffagnotti, Brand Protection Digital Manager

Arham Tariq, Web3 Marketing & Growth | Xordian

Denis Leclerc, Creative Director and Founder of Costa Leclerc Design

Josh Tilley, Strategy Director

Josel Gaston, Head of Learning and Development at JARC Group of Companies

Lisa Apolinski, CMC, America’s Digital Content Futurist | Digital Marketing Growth Expert | Author | Speaker

Uros Vukovic, Creative Director

Samantha Farr, Training Coordinator


Date:                Feburary 11, 20323
Time:                12:00 om CST
Panelists:       TBA
Date:                Feburary 18, 20323
Time:                12:00 om CST
Panelists:        TBA
Date:                Feburary 25, 20323
Time:                12:00 om CST
Panelists:        TBA
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