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"The world’s next

Coco Chanel is probably a 10-year-old girl who

is currently designing avatar skins on Roblox"


-Cathy Hackl

Fashion Week!.png

3 Day Event

Looking for the next Coco Chanel!

We're putting the spotlight on virtual fashion visionaries who believe in the future of sustainable fashion, and who are making a name for themselves as clothing designers in the metaverse. Here, they share how they became entrenched in the world of virtual clothing, where they draw their inspiration, and how real-life fashion trends can influence in-game designs.  

Digital Fashion Designer
Competition Application
Deadline Feb 3, 2023

What differentiates the metaverse from real life, and by extension, the clothes in either world: the freedom to wear whatever you want and be whomever you want. In Roblox, you can simulate reality by role-playing anything in the game. 

Designers Competition

  • Create five  2D or 3D clothing outfits

  • Top 3 will showcase during Fashion Week with own pop up store

  • Top 3 will win prizes including over 110,000 robux giveaways 

  • Designer will learn through creation of digital fashion

  • Designer will learn window display & product positioning

  • Designer will learn to market in-game and IRL


  • Submissions are individual

  • You must be age 7-25 years old

  • You must be a member of the MetaHug Group to participate  JOIN HERE

  • You and your project(s) must follow Roblox's Terms of Use

  • You must submit min of 5 outfits ( shirt + pants) How to create a tutorial

  • We do not tolerate the use of copied content in the challenge. You must prove authorship by including images of your creative process in the submission survey  


The judging board will select 3 finalists for the best Spring /Summer Design Collection. Winners will be announced on Feb 15th in our Roblox Group, and the finalist will go on and showcase alongside the most prominent fashion brands during our 3-day Fashion Week Event. Top selling designer will be rewarded Robux

1st Place - 30,000 + plus a year contract with MetaHug Organization.

2nd Place-15,000

3rd Place - 5,000


Sponsor Package

Pop Up Shop opportunity!

*limited space available


  • 3 day rental

  • 15 available mannequins

  • (5) 2D clothing outfits

  • Event live stream

  • Step & Repeat

Reserve your pop-up virtual store during MetaHug Fashion Week! Virtual events within the sustainable digital fashion industry are rare and space is limited for the best Fashion Experience in the Metaverse. Transforming the learning industry with the leading Fashion Designers alongside the next generation of digital creators and entrepreneurs on Roblox! Sustainability is a hot topic these days with fashion being the second-most polluting industry, we can just imagine the enormous social impact support that a digital way of constructing fashion can have on the planet. 


Digital fashion shows offer clothes without production, pollution or waste, and these events take place without any international flights. Exploring diverse gameplay and gradually forming a new pattern for the metaverse may be the direction for the future development of the fashion industry.

Support this cause with the designers of the future, as we pioneer the frontier of sustainable fashion!

Sponsorship inquiries email


"Launch your next virtual items with us "

Are you interested in launching your next season's product line in Roblox


"Establish your presence on top of metaverses like Roblox "

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