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Gamified Educational Campaign

Education should be marketing. Marketing should be education.


Jay Moore

Co-Founder, Prasaga

The rapid advancement of technology has made it difficult for many to come to grips with the revolutionary power of Web3 and blockchain. But it will change how business, education,  and our economy operate. Philanthropy is one of PraSaga's core tenets. A large part of that is finding ways to ensure future generations across the globe can understand how to use Web3 tools that older generations are still struggling to adopt. Our partnership with Play2Learn & Metahug will be invaluable in helping us to achieve this.


Poonacha Machaiah

CEO, Chopra Foundation

Technology is ever-changing in the rapid growth of humanity. We believe the metaverse will offer future innovation for health in mediceuticals instead of pharmaceuticals, which help process mental health with the help of Play2learn and Metahug in their mental biohacking experiences. 

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Vishal Pandey

Founder, VPX Foundation & web3 fund

Education is a human right. My aim is to progress education in India so that kids have the same learning opportunities as in developed countries. We believe the future of education works best when the kids are in the flow state and enjoy the learning process. Gamified education under the leadership of Play2learn is a new industry we are eager to support with our 117 schools and 100k kids in India. 

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How Gamification Can Improve Your Marketing strategy.png

Brand Awareness

Create brand awareness through education and play. 

Games weaved with marketing are tools for brands to create premium content for their followers. In addition, you can leverage games to reach enthusiasts keen to challenge their friends to play. 


Marketing Playground

Your future marketing playground is about education. Educating prospects before sales help to build loyal customer base and improve your KLT factor. 

Plug & Play

Plug and play, minimal risk

With the plug-and-play model, we gamify your marketing campaign. This model minimizes risks and gives you the freedom to focus on other activities

Interactive Presentation

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