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Bridging the world of education through the power of play

Ratings & Reviews

Beth Hoffman


My daughter is very smart, and I feel like games don't challenge her, but I don't want to push her. This game goes at her own pace, motivates, and challenges her.

An excellent application that combines gameplay with learning and rewards! The way the course is designed, the kids don't even realize they are learning!

Reggie Patel


This is the most impressive alternative learning platform I have ever seen; brilliant that it bridges inside Roblox. My two kids play Roblox daily now, and I don't have to feel guilty seeing them on their ipads. Although, as a father, I'm always concerned about online security issues, the fact that this game prohibited over 500 words really gives my wife and me peace of mind. Our kids are learning and having fun; we couldn't be more pleased!

Sharon Hudson


It is a game changer to see how the platform can measure our child's engagement.  The methodology of learner engagement combined with a deep understanding of game behavior makes this work not only stand out but incredibly high yield, not only for parents but for brands.

Game Theory

Our Philosophy

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We make learning accessible to all
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We make learning FREE with equal opportunity 
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We turn players into level 7 learners
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We focus on the largest platforms to reach critical mass
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We believe in microlearning
Untitled design (10)_edited.png
We designed a platform to "play it FORWARD"
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We believe in self-led education
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We designed our game for safety
Untitled design (10)_edited.png
We build on popular gaming platforms for flow state & critical mass
Untitled design (10)_edited.png
We gamified education
Untitled design (10)_edited.png
We reward learners for engagement
We make screen time entertaining & valuable
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Untitled design (10)_edited.png
We help Gen Alpha & Gen Z navigate the future of learning web3 via the metaverse
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We invest in our children

Role Play


A simulation is a form of role play, but more structured. In simulations, scenarios are much more complex and more situated in real life. Learners may assume other characters, or play themselves. There might be more formal “game rules” to follow and fewer decisions to make.
With role-play, learners assume different characters and act out scenarios, typically without any scripts. These spontaneous scenarios can be situated in reality or ones they are unfamiliar with. Learners must use creativity and critical thinking to further get “into” their role


Problem-solving skills are one of the most distinct cognitive activities that learners practice by using our platform. 

Design to create level 7 learners

From players to learners to creators

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Measuring Engagmenment

What it means to create good learners , not just good students

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